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SYRIAN WAR GAMES! Syria “10 Times Worse Than Hell”, But “Where Is MSM?”, You Ask! How Can Foreign Genocide & Potential Nuclear War Possibly Compare To Trump’s Penis & Hillary’s E-Mails! Michael Morell, Former CIA Chief, Details Why Syrian Civil War Must End – BUT No Military Solution Possible! Tabacco: “No Corporation Pursuing US Military Contracts Should Ever Be Allowed To Lobby DC Government Officials! Why Not? Because They Promote War For Profits Not National Security!”

MICHAEL MORELL: The Syrian Civil War has to end! And the reason it has to end is because it is feeding Extremism in Iraq and Syria.

Even if we get our arms around ISIS and squeeze ISIS down and down and down and down, the Civil War will continue to breed Extremism. ISIS will go away, and some other Group will replace it.

The Syrian Civil War needs to end! In my view there is Not a Military Solution to that! And the reason there is not a military solution to that is because a military solution would end up with the destruction of the Syrian Military, the Syrian Security Services, Syrian Intelligence Services, etc. etc. etc., Syrian Police. And if you destroy all of those in an attempt to end the Civil War, you are left with a complete vacuum: Security Vacuum, Stability Vacuum – you end up with LIBYA or IRAQ! Continue reading

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