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FAREED ZAKARIA On USA’s ‘PERPETUAL WARS’, “You Know You Are In Trouble When Your Strategy’s Success Produces More Problems Than Its Failure”.

Fareed Zakaria: Certainly, as most administrations would, Obama and Rhodes sought to present their actions in a positive light so Obama congratulates himself for stepping back from the edge of military invention in Syria. He never grapples with the fact that it was his own careless rhetoric about Assad’s fate and red lines that produced the crisis in the first place.

But on the most important issue of substance, Obama is right and his critics are wrong.

The chief lesson for American foreign policy over the last 15 years is that it is much easier to defeat a military opponent in the greater Middle East than to establish political order in these troubled lands. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, it took just weeks to defeat the old regime. But years later, despite varying approaches, all these countries remain in chaos.

Can anyone seriously argue that a few more troops here or a slightly different strategy there would have created stability and peace when you have instability in all three? Continue reading

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