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“What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?” – The Pink Elephant In The Room! That’s The Question Our Mainstream Media Has Such Difficulty In Posing Or Analyzing. They Know The Question; They Just Refuse To Ask It! Wouldn’t You Like An Intelligent Analysis & Conclusion To That Q? I Know I Would! Since Nobody Else Will, Tabacco Steps Up To The Mic To Demand An Answer – “What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?”

Another Blogger’s Deliberately Failed Attempt At Getting An Answer:
“Analysts, including myself, are left speculating about motives. These can relate to terrorists’ personal grievances based in poverty, prejudice, or cultural alienation. Alternately, an intention to change international policy can be seen as a motive: pulling “a Madrid” and getting governments to withdraw their troops from Iraq; convincing Americans to leave Saudi Arabia; ending American support for Israel; pressuring New Delhi to cede control of all Kashmir.

Any of these motives could have contributed to the violence; as London’s Daily Telegraph puts it, problems in Iraq and Afghanistan each added ‘a new pebble to the mountain of grievances that militant fanatics have erected’. Yet neither is decisive to giving up one’s life for the sake of killing others.”

Tabacco: That last sentence is his only salient point in his entire Post. Yet even that leads to more questions – NOT ANSWERS! Continue reading

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When Ali Pulled “Rope-A-Dope” On Foreman & Leonard “Hit & Ran” Duran Into “No Mas!”, Those Weren’t Examples Of Courage, But At Least They Were In The Same Ring! USA Drones, Flying Over Muslim Countries While “Brave” US “Pilots” Operate From Safety Of CREECH AFB In Nevada, Is A New LOW IN MILITARY COURAGE! Now Gov’t Plans Surveillance In USA To Delete BILL OF RIGHTS For You Americans Too!

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden has openly criticized Obama administration use of pilot-less drones to assassinate suspected militants around the world. Hayden said, “Right now, there isn’t a government on the planet that agrees with our legal rationale for these operations, except for Afghanistan and maybe Israel.” The drone program began under President George W. Bush.. Hayden also criticized U.S. assassination of U.S. born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. Hayden said, “We needed a court order to eavesdrop on him, but we didn’t need a court order to kill him. Isn’t that something!”.. our drone attacks kill almost 50 civilians for every “militant” we target. Continue reading

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