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Re: Trans-Pacific Partnership/TPP, Your President, Barack Hussein Obama, Is A Bald-Faced LIAR & I Have PROOF! 1-Ask Your Prez Why Democrats Decline To Support His Obamanation While Only Republicans Are Anxious To Comply! 2-Then Ask Obama To Give Specifics, Not Unsubstantiated Assertions, As To WHY TPP Improves On NAFTA! Finally, DEMAND To Know If TPP Is So Good For People, Not Just Pacific Rim Corporations, 3-Why Were Details Kept SECRET, 4-Why US Senators Could View Details But Not Make Copies Or Sound Recordings In Secret Room Until It Was Too Late! Inside I Give You PROOFS! WTO NAFTA Ruling Manipulates American Laws, Which Formerly Listed Country Of Origin On Meats In USA – But NO MORE – In Case Meat Shoppers Haven’t Noticed! And TransCanada SUES U.S.A. For $15-BILLION For Rejecting Keystone XL Under NAFTA Including $12-BILLION As Keystone’s Own Projected Profits During Keystone’s Lifetime Contract! This WILL BE THE NORM UNDER TPP! Your President Doesn’t Want You To Know! Tabacco Accuses Barack Hussein Obama Of Malicious Lies Re TPP For His Own Personal Profit & Gain AKA POLITICAL CORRUPTION, DEPRAVITY & GRAFT As Well As MORAL TURPITUDE! Smart Politicos Do Good To Inoculate Their Bad From Voter Reprisals – “Premeditated Black/White Politicians”! Don’t Let Obama’s Teflon Coating Win The Day! Re TPP, OBAMA Needs To DIAPER HIS MOUTH!

Tabacco’s PROLOGUE

Adolf Hitler hid his Genocide of 6-Million Jews! Why? Because the World would have been against him if it had known! When Leaders tell their own Citizens LIES and/or WITHHOLD TRUTHS, you know they are up to NO GOOD!

If TPP were so Good for YOU, your president would have shouted it from the rooftops as he did when promoting ObamaCare! But re TPP, both Obama and the MSM remained strangely silent – WHY!

Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, George W. Bush, meet your Philosophical Successor, Barack Hussein Obama, the most clever, devious, LYING HEAD-OF-STATE ever! 300,000,000 Americans don’t even know they are bleeding to death – how clever is that!

America, if you have been expecting the Anti-Christ – here he is:

The CROCCODILE Tears Up For Murdered Black Children, But Laughs As He Lies About His Own TPP Obamanation! You Can Only Trust Him Sometimes! Unfortunately, That’s As Good As It Gets In Politics American Style! Continue reading

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The Vast Disparity Between Keynesian Economic Theory/Political Promises And Their Actual Practice In USA! Democrats Often Cannot Keep Theirs Because Republicans OBSTRUCT Anything Designed To Help ‘We The People’ Instead Of The Top 1%; Republicans Keep Their Promises Because They Never Promise ‘We The People’ Anything Anyway! And The Economic Textbooks Are Predicated On A World Dominated By Elite Countries Deploying Capitalism And Violating All Keynesian Tenets; Any Form Of Socialism Is OBSTRUCTED (There’s That Word Againl) Lest Other 3rd World Countries See The Possibilities Not Included Under Capitalism And ‘Domino Theory’ Stampede Over Capitalism On The Road To World Socialism! Why Do We Do Business With Communist China And NOT With Communist Cuba? Because Cuba Is Socialist & China Is Now Capitalist – IT WAS NEVER ABOUT COMMUNISM; IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT SOCIALISM – Just One More Capitalist LIE!

Let’s analyze our Capitalist Axioms & see how many can actually hold water: Market Self-Correction, Deregulated Capitalism, Work Hard To Achieve, Business Creates Jobs, 2-Party System, One Man – One Vote, Free Trade, Free Enterprise, Lower Taxes, Middleclass Opportunity For All, Business Deregulation Good For All, A-Bomb Saved Lives, ‘National Security’ OPEC Wars, Exclusion of Military Expenditures From Budget, Incorporation, Social Security Failure, Medicare Failure, Public Education, Urban Renewal, Eminent Domain, NAFTA, Democracy, American Justice, Smaller Government, Americanism, & Right-To-Life Ulterior Motive! Economic Growth Forever. Almost NO KEYNESIAN or DEMOCRACY AXIOMS are actually adhered to in the USA! Capitalists give us Platitudes while they Lie, Cheat & Steal from each other and ‘We The People’! Both terms “Political Ethics” and “Economic Truisms” are OXYMORONS! Continue reading

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