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OUR BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE: President Barack Hussein Obama Turns Blind Eye To Police Murders Of Innocent Blacks, But Imprisons Black Protestors From Ferguson, Mo., & Baltimore, Md.! Black Folks, Did You know That? More Importantly, Does It Make A Scintilla Of Difference In Your Lofty Opinion Of Your 1st Black President? If It Doesn’t, What In Hell Does That Say About You!

AJAMU BARAKA, Green Party VP Candidate: But yet, we have an administration that is supposed to be responsible for protecting the rights of all citizens, and they have a Civil Rights Division, and they have the power to intervene and to conduct investigations and to prosecute, and out of all of the examples we know of, all of these shootings of unarmed black men—and women now—we have one indictment, over all of these years. That’s outrageous!

While at the same time, what many people don’t know is that in Baltimore and in Ferguson, the young, primarily black, poor folks who involved in—were involved in acts of resistance, they ended up feeling the full weight of the federal government. The federal government intervened into the state and brought indictments against a number of protesters in both Ferguson and in Baltimore. We have people in Baltimore right now who are now serving draconian time now—eight years, 12 years—for things that, in the past, would have been maybe a misdemeanor or probation, because they were prosecuted directly by the federal government.

Tabacco: Woe be it unto Martin Luther King and the Freedom Riders of the 1960s had they had the Misfortune to practice Passive Resistance under that ‘Black Man In The White House’, Barack Hussein Obama!

With regard to Candidate, Donald Trump, the Media is missing the Point:

If Donald Trump says it’s so, IT MUST BE SO BECAUSE DONALD SAID SO! Why is that so difficult to understand! Case Closed! Continue reading

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