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BOY RAPES In Afghanistan By Afghan Officials While USA Military Commanders Look The Other Way! L. I. Soldier Murdered By 17-Year-Old Afghan Male Rape Victim, One Of ‘DANCING BOYS’ At Behest Of Afghan Official As Hazing Ritual (Like Fraternities) To Get His Release From Sex Slavery. Soldier’s Father Retells Horror Story As Told To Him By Son Before His Son’s Own Murder! Another UGLY AMERICAN Story: Why The World HATES US! Don’t Fall For The Propaganda “World Loves US” Stuff – It Ain’t So! USA Is Loved Only By Evil Capitalists Worldwide, Afghan Predatory Pedophiles & The Misinformed! The Rest Hate/Envy/Fear US. + Tabacco Investigates America’s Mythology Re Adult Sex With Minors & How The ‘Age Of Consent’ (AOC) Varies From State-To-State. It Isn’t 18 Everywhere As Most Folks ASSUME! It Ain’t Rape Unless Law Says It’s Rape! Do You Know Minimum Age Of Consent In Your State? Equally Important, “How Old Were You When You First Got Horny? And Did You Even Care About Your State’s AOC Law?”


CAPT. DAN QUINN, U.S. ARMY (RET.): The competition turned physical and I picked him up and threw him on to the ground multiple times and Charles did the same thing. We basically had to make sure that he would – that this was not going to happen again. That he fully understood that if he ever went near that boy or his mother again there was going to be hell to pay.


BALDWIN: Captain Quinn says he and the other soldier were relieved of their duties shortly afterward. And then there is this. An American father says during his final conversation with his own son, his son who’s a Marine, on the phone before his son was killed, Lance Corporal Greg Buckley Jr. told his father he was troubled by the screams he himself could hear coming from boys being sexually abused by Afghan police officers on a U.S. base. So he is with me now. That Marine’s father is Greg Buckley Sr. The attorney for the Buckley family is Mike Bowie (ph). Continue reading

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Incorporation, Capitalism, Media Hypocrisy & Penn State University Football Child Molestation Cases That Now Run 24-7 On All Sports Channels! You Don’t See The Connection? Read On!

What do Bruce Ritter, Mary Kay LeTourneau, Jerry Sandusky and Mark Foley all have in common? If you answered, “illicit sex with teens”, you are only partially correct. They all belonged to certain groups with power over teens, which is the reason you recognize their names or even heard about them in the first place. Continue reading

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