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PARALLEL UNIVERSE NEWS TODAY! French President Calls ‘Climate Change’ Protestors “Troublemakers Who Are Here Only To Create Problems” While France’s Gendarmes, Not Protestors, Trample Flowers & Candles Commemorating Nov. 13 Terrorist Attacks. In Chicago, Police Officer, Who Murdered 17-Year-Old Laquan McDonald, Free On Bail. Putin Says Turkey Downed Russian Jet To Protect Oil Interests. British PM Pushes Parliament To Approve Bombing ISIS In Syria While Saying There Is “No Military Solution”. Saudi Arabia To Do Mass Executions Of 50, Including Pro-Democracy Activists. Philippines’ Court Finds US Marine Guilty Of Murder Of Transgender Woman & Sentences Him To 6-12 Years In Undetermined Place US Would Agree To. Former NYS Assembly Speaker Convicted Of Fraud, Extortion & Money Laundering. USA 100 Hunger Strikers In Detention Centers Among People Seeking Asylum Here. Pittsburgh Muslim Taxi Driver Shot By Man Ranting About ISIS. Upstate NY Ithaca College Students Overwhelmingly Vote ‘No Confidence’ & Demand Resignation By College President For Inaction Against Racism. Just Another Day On Planet Earth!

Alia Schindler: “With the growing number of attacks against the American Muslim community, federal officials need to make the statement that these types of attacks are not acceptable, whether they’re against the American Muslim community, or any minority group.

Tabacco: Better yet, ALL Republican Presidential Candidates need to Cease & Desist from making Inflammatory Statements, which provoke, empower and urge Americans, who are intellectually and educationally challenged and buy-into these Politically motivated Rants to commit Murders for what they believe to be Just Cause!

I ACCUSE: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorino and all the other GOP Candidates, who take no responsibility for their INCENDIARY VERBIAGE! Continue reading

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