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AMERICAN NAZI! Americans Laughed Derisively At Germans Because Of Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler! Will Germans Get To Reciprocate At Our Expense Because Of ‘PRESIDENT’ TRUMP? Q. What’s The Difference Between Hitler & Trump In A Brown Paper Bag? A. The Brown Paper Bag! Muslim Woman & Jewish Man Kicked Out Of Trump Rally For Silent Protest In South Carolina. Freedom Of Speech? Not In South Carolina! And Not Under ‘President’ Trump! Remember This: Americans Always Brag About American Justice & American Democracy! There’s A Name For That: AMERxxxx HYPOCRIxx – Can You Guess That Name? But I Have Other Incidents To Report From Other Countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Poland & Germany. America Leads The Way, But Many Others Follow! Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery! But As World Leader, The USA Has Come Up Short Indeed! + America Simulating NAZI GERMANY- January 25, 2016 UPDATE

Erica Garner: “A year and a half later, the only people indicted in my dad’s case are people of color. A year and a half later, this is the only answer that New York has to offer the Garner family. Not one of the eight killer cops that was on my dad’s back was charged for anything. This underscores the fundamental problem in this country. This is why we can’t reform our way out of this. This is why we can’t train our way out of this. It doesn’t matter about more black police officers. It doesn’t matter about more black district attorneys. It doesn’t matter about black police chiefs. All the way up to the president, it still doesn’t matter.” Continue reading

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