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U.S. DRONE OUTPOSTS ALL OVER AFRICA: Obama Says There Is Only 1! There Are More Than 50! MORE LIES, More Genocide & More Bad PR For The United States! See The African Drone Map Inside! GOPers & Dems Tell US What They Want Us To Think & What We Will Believe, Not The TRUTH! Today You Are Going To Find Out What AFRICANS Think About US DRONE OUTPOSTS (That’s Plural, Prez Obama!) When You Lie To US, Tabacco Exposes The Truth! Go Ahead, Mr. Prez, Keep On Lying To US! At 73, What Else Have I Got To Do That’s As Important! To Grandparents & Parents: Those War Killer Video Games, That Your Offspring Love So Much, Desensitizes The Little Ones To Brutality & Murder So That They Grow Up And Do ‘The Real Thing’ Once The Pentagon Gets Its Claws On Them! (ATTENTION GOP: REFUGEES ARE NOT TERRORISTS!) When Drone Operator ‘Robots’ Return Stateside, They Suffer A Deep Seated Guilt Complex (PTSD/Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) And/Or They Do The Same To Their Loved Ones! Why? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

NICK TURSE: Well, just this morning—you know, it’s not something I reported on, just something I’ve been following on the news—we see that Kenyan forces that we’ve been backing have set up extensive smuggling networks in Somalia. They seem to have been putting down roots themselves in bases. I noticed that one of them is Kismayo, where the U.S. is supposedly flying drones out of and has a special operations base. That’s now apparently a smuggling hub for the Kenyan military, in league with the terrorist group al-Shabab. They seem to be working in concert to smuggle sugar. There’s also been charcoal smuggling in the region. So—and this is a force that the U.S. has been backing. And yeah, the U.S. has funded the Kenyans so that we wouldn’t have large numbers of troops on the ground. Continue reading

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OBAMA’S KILLER DRONE WAR FAILURES Exposed By 4-Former Air Force Drone Operators! Drone Operators Refer To Children On Their Screens As, “Fun-Sized Terrorists” & “Cutting The Grass Before It Grows Too Long” Just Before They Murder These Kids. Whistleblowers Risk Prosecution For Outing Drone Kills Of Innocent Civilians, Not Just The Targets. Those ‘Collateral Damages’ FUEL GROWTH OF TERROR! Why These Air Force Vets Want Drone War To Stop! How PENTAGON Exploits Your Juveniles’ Video Game Culture To WIRE YOUTH FOR DRONE WAR: America The Beautiful! See New Documentary ‘DRONE’! This President Asserts His & America’s Humanity While He Commits GENOCIDE Comparable To Hitler’s Nazis Rather Than Real War On Terrorists – If There Is An Anti-Christ, It Must Be Barack Obama! Soldiers Commit SUICIDE Only If They Believe They Have Just Cause – Obama Gives Muslim Terrorists ‘JUST CAUSE’! Terrorists Are NOT The Only Ones, Who Train Children To Commit Murder – America Does It Too – And In Your Name! Have We Forgotten My Lai? PTSD!

TABACCO: Because his middle name is ‘Hussein’, Republicans used to call President Obama a ‘Muslim’ – they call him that no longer. Even Opportunist Republicans realize that tactic is ridiculous. You might as well call Hitler a ‘Pacifist’! Together, Bush & Obama have murdered Million$ of Innocent Muslims in the name of ‘National Security’! If you believe that Excuse, you are equally as Guilty of the Genocide of God’s children.

JESSELYN RADACK: They’re taking an enormous and very brave public risk in speaking out. I have clients in the national security and intelligence communities, who have done nothing more than tell the truth about some of America’s darkest secrets, like torture and secret surveillance—and now, in this case, drones—and those clients, a number of them, have been prosecuted under the Espionage Act—and Edward Snowden, of course, another one, is living in exile—not because they’ve done anything wrong or even revealed classified information, which they’re not here to do today, but because they have embarrassed the U.S. government. All of these men—a number of them, half of them, have complained internally, to no avail. They have gone through internal channels.

And we’re hoping that today, by going public, that this will have more of an influence in the debate, because somehow there’s a complete disconnect between these terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere and the fact that the drone program has fueled ISIS and al-Qaeda and a number of terrorist groups, and that really needs to be addressed.

MICHAEL HAAS: Yes, the term “fun-sized terrorists” was used to just sort of denote children that we’d see on screen.

AMY GOODMAN: What was it?

MICHAEL HAAS: “Fun-sized terrorists”.

AMY GOODMAN: “Fun-sized terrorists”?

MICHAEL HAAS: Yes! Other terms we’d use would be “cutting the grass before it grows too long”, just doing whatever you can to try to make it easier to kill whatever’s on screen. And the culture is—that mentality is very much nurtured within the drone community, because these—every Hellfire shot is sort of lauded and applauded, and we don’t really examine who exactly was killed, but just that it was an effective shot and the missile hit its target. Continue reading

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IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR! The US Commanders-In-Chief (George W. Bush & Barack Obama)/Congress/Mainstream Media/Supreme Court/War Profiteer Corporatists Have Declared OPEN SEASON On Muslims In OPEC Countries & Our Own Soldiers, Who Fall Short Of Their Sole Function As KILLING MACHINES! Litany Of Fallout From Military Service At Home In USA Includes Mental Illness (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD or Combat Stress Reaction: CSR), Drug Abuse, Homelessness, Joblessness, Suicide, Murders, Wife Beating, Illegal Gun Carrying, And (God Forbid) Asking For Military Help For their Infirmities & Crimes!

Democracy Now! “On the 11th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, we take a look at the invisible wounds of war here at home. Since the war began on Oct. 7, 2001, less than a month after the Sept. 11th attacks, at least 2,000 U.S. soldiers have died. Some 2.4 million U.S. soldiers have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the psychological toll of the wars is mounting. Last year, the Veterans Administration treated almost 100,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and soldier suicides reached an all-time high this year. In Colorado Springs, the commanders at Fort Carson have come under scrutiny for its handling of mental health concerns, with a 2010 joint NPR-ProPublica investigation finding that as many as 40 percent of Fort Carson soldiers had mild brain injuries missed by Army health screenings. Meanwhile in 2009, the Colorado Springs Gazette published a startling series called “Casualties of War”, written by our guest, investigative reporter Dave Philipps. His book, “Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home”, shows how a wave of violence swept across Colorado Springs when the 506th Infantry Regiment, known as “the Band of Brothers” returned home from their first tour in Iraq. We are also joined by Georg-Andreas Pogány, a retired Army sergeant who is now an independent veterans’ advocate and investigator, and Graham Clumpner, an Afghanistan War veteran and Colorado regional organizer for Iraq Veterans Against the War. Democracy Now! is on the road, broadcasting from Colorado Springs, the home of five major military installations — Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, the U.S. Air Force Academy, Schriever Air Force Base and the Cheyenne Mountain Air Station.” Continue reading

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