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(NATO) NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION (AKA ‘NACTO’ – NORTH ATLANTIC CAUCASIAN TREATY ORGANIZATION): “Connection For The Protection Of The Complexion” – Paul Mooney Revisited. NATO Excludes All Countries In Southern Hemisphere Composed Mainly Of Bronze & Black People And Excludes All Countries Only Touching Pacific Ocean, Which Focuses On People With Slanted Eyes (Orientals). If You Called NATO Essentially “CAUCASIAN”, You Would NOT Be Incorrect! So Why Are Most “NATO INTERVENTIONS” Outside Of That ‘Caucasian Parameter’? Iraq! Gulf Of Aden! Libya! Afghanistan! Why Is It That Even In Black ‘Ghettoes’ The Policemen Are Always WHITE?

Q We know there’s a racial problem […] if you can handle it; if you can control it […] how would you handle it?
A […] How? Kill every white person on this planet.
Q Well Paul, you couldn’t mean that, your mother could be white?
A I’ll have to kill that bitch too.
Q Oh Paul, can’t we be friends?
A Yeah, when I get even. I’m a wear the tight shoe and you not better than e, you gon wear the tight shoe too… Race means everything in America. When you have the complexion for the protection for the collection, that white skin would protect you. That’s why when I see homeless white people, I just start crying, “what a waste of white skin”. Everybody talks real crazy when it comes to race…
- Black Comedian, Paul Mooney Continue reading

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“CENTRAL PARK FIVE” (A New Film), 5-Black & Hispanic Youths Exonerated But Never Reimbursed For Up To 13-Years Spent In Prison Re Bogus Police Entrapment & Railroading In The 1989 “Central Park Jogger” Case (“The Crime Of The Century”? – Only Because Those In Charge Thought The Guilty Were BLACK). We’re Talking Here New York, NY, Not New York, Mississippi! Is American Justice Blind Or Just Blindly, Racially Prejudiced! There Were 6-VICTIMS Here, Not Just 1! But Only The 1-White Female Victim Received Special Consideration – The 5-Victims Of Color Got American INJUSTICE As Usual!

RAYMOND SANTANA: I served almost seven years. And so, what happened was that, you know, I tried to get my life back together and put one foot in front of the other, but I didn’t—you know, I didn’t realize the social death that we were given at the sentence. You know, this wasn’t a five to 15 or five to 10; this was a life sentence, a death sentence, in a sense, because, you know, when I came home, I couldn’t get employment. You know, I tried out—filled out numerous applications. And, you know, I had to register as a sex offender. You know, my whole neighborhood looked at me, you know, kind of strange, you know. You know, you get the “Hi, how are you doing?” but, you know, you always have that bullseye on the back, you know, that says, “Someway, somehow, I’m Raymond Santana from the Central Park jogger case.” Continue reading

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So February is “Black History Month”, Is it! Well Here’s Some History For You! Interview With Walter Mosley, Award-Winning Author of “Devil In A Blue Dress” & Other Tomes, Son Of Black Father From Southern Louisiana & Jewish Mother: If You Don’t Want The Truth, Don’t Read This Post!

Mosley, “I wrote a book that I haven’t published called Making Democracy in America, in which you get people to vote blind: vote for what’s good for you, never for things you don’t like. Everybody in America wants a living wage, to retire comfortably, education for their children. You know, if you only voted for the things that were important to you, we would all vote together. And that’s what democracy is about. It’s not whether I like you or not, or I agree with your lifestyle or not. It’s what’s important for me in my life. And so, I’ve been trying to work out a way to create a blind democracy, completely ignoring the—you know, basically, the self-interests, corporations of the Democrats and the Republicans.” Continue reading

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