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GOP BACKSTABBERS! Texas Senator Ted Cruz (Trump’s Defeated GOP Opponent) Booed At Convention For Refusing To Endorse Trump! Sarah Palin Supports Paul Ryan’s GOP Opponent Even After Trump Does 180 & Endorses Ryan Half-Heartedly (Apparently Sarah Didn’t Get The Memo). Mike Bloomberg Already Declined To Run On 3rd Party Line Himself For Fear Of Throwing Election Into GOP-Controlled House Of Representatives (He Abhors Trump Too)! Throw Anti-Trump GOPers Mitt Romney + 9 Influential Republicans, Who Have Declared Publicly They Will NOT Support Trump – Even Against Hillary (Including Christine Todd Whitman, 9/11/2001 Liar Who Said It Was Safe For 1st Responders To Work At World Trade Center Without Masks, Leading To Their Deaths). If That GOP (W)itch Can’t Support The Donald, You Can See There Is Big, Big Trouble In GOP Paradise! It Took 15 Years, But She Got It Right This Time. (Err, Did I Say 9? How About The Top 99 GOPers, Who Refuse To Back Trump!)

Tabacco: If President Obama thinks the TPP (TransPacific Partnership) is such a good idea for America, why all the secrecy, why won’t any Democrat support it, and why won’t the Republican –controlled Congress vote on it NOW instead of after the November Election in a ‘Lame Duck Congress’?

Readers: Ask your President and your Republican Congressional Representatives those questions above!

Presidential HotLine (202) 456-1111

Directory of Senators in 114th Congress

Directory for House Members
http://www.house.gov/representatives/ Continue reading

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