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“AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM”: What Does It Mean? Is It True? Should Americans Be Proud Of It? Russian President, Vladimir V. Putin, Says, “It is dangerous for any country, including America, to see itself as exceptional, whatever its motivation.” Is Putin Wrong? We Won’t Even Discuss It Because Of MSM Sophist Trickery No. 1. Elitism Vis-à-vis The Nazi ‘Master Race’ Hypothesis, We Export Our Worst Institutions (Fast Food, Prison Industrial Complex, Extraordinary Rendition, Political Assassination, Exploitation, Labor Abuses, Gestapo Policing, Drone Genocide, Pit Religious Sect Against Religious Sect/Race Against Race, Support Israel To Destabilize OPEC Middle East, Disaster Capitalism = Wars For Profit) To Control World Economy And Maintain Our Own Financial Superiority. Perhaps “American Exceptionalism” Stems From Fact We Have Done It More Effectively & Gotten Away With It Longer Than Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Stalin & Hitler! The One Aspect Of American Exceptionalism Of Which I Am Certain Is American Arrogance!

President of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, “No one wants the United Nations to suffer the fate of the League of Nations, which collapsed because it lacked real leverage. This is possible if influential countries bypass the United Nations and take military action without Security Council authorization.” – Tabacco: The Mainstream Media wants you to consider the Messenger and IGNORE the Message. That is Sophists’ Trickery No. 1. That Tact excuses you from considering the Charge, which should be answered honestly and directly regardless of whether offered by Saint or Sinner. You must refute the Message, not the Messenger! Is the Message correct only because Martin Luther King said it and incorrect because the messenger was Adolf Hitler? Does that make Logical Sense to you? Continue reading

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