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HOW TO STEAL A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in 9 EASY STEPS! The Republicans Know They Can’t Beat Obama In A Fair Election, So They Will Do What They Did Successfully In 2000 And 2004: Cripple Democrats’ Only Major Support Group, Labor Unions, “Voter Caging” Of Black Voters And “Voter ID” Of Poor Whites In Battleground States! GOP Doesn’t Hate Blacks & Poor Whites, But If You Are Shot & Killed, Does It Matter To The Corpse Whether The Bullet Came From A Drug Pusher’s Illegal Pistol Or A Policeman’s Gun!

Tabacco: Blacks vote 90-95% Democratic! Democrats in general don’t vote Democratic with percentages that high – not even Poor Whites. Therefore, by disenfranchising as many Black Voters as possible, particularly in BATTLEGROUND STATES, Republicans can defeat Democrats in close Presidential elections. Poor Whites are more likely to vote Democratic, particularly in Northern States, so by making it harder or nearly impossible to even Register (extensive Voter ID requirements and negating weekend Registration in poorer districts), and by making the Voting Lines long and time-consuming, Republicans suppress the Democratic Vote even more, giving the Republican Presidential Candidate an unfair advantage. Continue reading

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