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What Is 7 x 9? Yesterday Was A Fearful Day For Me Because 2 White 17-Year Old Males On Bikes, 2 Of 3 White Supermarket Cashiers, 1 Of 2 White Seafood Clerks, A Mature White Female, A Black Seventh Grader And A Few Others I Asked Did Not Know! A Group Of 10 Girls Did Know, But They All Had Basically The Same Elementary & High School Background. My Fellow Americans, We Are In Deep Trouble!

If you don’t know the Multiplication Tables up to 10 x 10, you cannot do Long Division! America is in very bad shape! Tabacco created this Spreadsheet Multiplication Table up to 100×100. Even I don’t know this table past 13×13. It is published here to demonstrate what a 70-year-old Math Major will do with his spare time when he has nothing better to do with his time! Continue reading

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