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SCAPEGOATING THE VICTIMS! White Plantation Workers In 1700s Southern USA Hated Black Slaves For “Taking Their Jobs”, Not The Wealthy White Plantation Owners, Who Paid For Slaves To Work Plantations. 1939 Jewish Refugees Fleeing Nazis Were Turned Away By South American & North American Countries (Including The USA) On Steamship ‘St. Louis’ – 254 Passengers Returned To Nazis For Slaughter. 20th & 21st Century American Policemen Shoot Unarmed Black People Because Of Our Skin Color, Not For Illegal Activities. Female Rape Victims Are Often Critiqued For Their Own Attire, Makeup & Behavior, Rather Than Prosecuting Actual Rapists. ISIS Murders More Muslims Than Christians & Jews Combined, So France Now Targets All Muslims Within Its Borders For Being Muslim, Not For Being ISIS Terrorists. Republican Political Leaders Exploit Islamophobia By Prohibiting All Syrian Refugees From Obtaining American Amnesty To Promote Their Own Political Careers. The Leaders, Who Know Better, Create Fear, Animus, Racial, Ethnic & Religious Revulsion Among Citizenry, Who Do Not Know Better, For Their Own Political & Financial Interests. Ignorance Is NOT Bliss! And Ignorance Of History Is An Abomination! These Same Political & Corporate Leaders Have Conspired To Deny Real Public Education To The Masses To Facilitate Their Own Duplicities. Karl Marx Was Right! But In Some Way He Should Have Included Politics & Capitalism In His Metaphor.

‘Religion is the Opiate of the Masses!” – Karl Marx

DR. RALPH NURNBERGER: The St. Louis was, among other things, a propaganda vehicle for the Nazis. The Nazis said, “We don’t want Jews, but no one else does either! So here, world, take a thousand Jews!”

And then when Cuba turned them down, when the US turned them down, and remember they also were trying to get into Canada. And McKenzie King, the Canadian Prime Minister, said, “No, you can’t come here either!”

And then they had to go back to Europe, and they wound up going to Antwerp, and they were divided up going to England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

But the Nazi Press was full of stories of the world didn’t want them.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Nobody wanted to accept them, so Hitler said, “Well, if they are not accepted in any part of the world, then we have the right to eliminate them anyway!”

And that was the FINAL SOLUTION! Continue reading

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