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WHY USA POLITICIANS WANT WAR STALEMATE, NOT VICTORY! 2 Voices Of Reason In The Wilderness Of American Middle East ‘Foreign Policy’: AKA Destabilization, Militarism, War & ‘No Boots On The Ground’ & UNWINNABLE WAR Or Just Plain OPEC Capitalism! Is It A Failed Foreign Policy? No! Only The Naïve & The Mendacious Would Call It That! These Politicians Know What They Are Doing, And They Know The Likely Results. Genocide Is Fine So Long As It’s Not Us! Al Qaeda & The Taliban Were A Dream Come True For George W. Bush! ISIS Or ISIL Is A Dream Come True For Obama! On Top Of That, Now Putin Has Resuscitated That Old Bugaboo, The Russian Hammer & Sickle, To Facilitate American Abominations As ‘Necessary’ If Not Sufficient. Militarism As Solution To Greed Is As Old As Time Itself. Endless Mid East Wars Are Both Unwinnable & Profitable! Why Would America Want To Win Wars & End Wars When It’s Wars That Create Humongous Profits! Kill The ‘Golden Goose’? I Don’t Think So! When Will People Wake Up & Smell The Coffee? From Past History, The Answer To That One Is, ‘Never’!

PHYLLIS BENNIS: Well, I think, clearly, they have sent much of the world—not only the Islamic world, but that’s the part that we’re looking at right now—into far worse than turmoil, into absolute abject tragedy, when we see the results of these wars at the human level, when we see what it’s doing to the social fabric of these societies, that is going to take generations to repair.

I think that one of the things that’s so important, we hear from President Obama, over and over again, there is no military solution. And other times we hear the military side is not enough, it’s not sufficient. That’s where it’s just wrong. The first statement is right: There is no military solution. So when you look at what President Obama is doing militarily, I think it’s important to recognize it’s not just insufficient, it’s making impossible the kinds of diplomatic and negotiated and humanitarian and other kinds of efforts that could have a chance of ending these wars.

So, for example, if you’re in Iraq and the U.S., say, they get it right for one time—this almost never happens, but say they did—they identified a camp of ISIS fighters, there were 20 of them, and they’re really bad guys, they’ve done bad things, they’re going to do more bad things. They send a drone after them. There’s no civilians anywhere in the area. Only those 20 guys get killed. And the response in the U.S. is, “Yeah! We got the bad guys!” The response in Iraq is, “Yes, once again, the U.S. is bombing Sunnis in the interests of the Shia and the Kurds!” Continue reading

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