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3 SECRETS Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Know: ALTERNATIVES To 1- Colonoscopy 2- Prostate Biopsy & 3- Hip Replacement! “When The Only Tool You Have Is A Hammer, Every Problem Looks Like A Nail”. If The Only Medical Procedure Your Doctor Can Perform Is A BIOPSY, He Won’t Tell Patients That A Few Medical Technicians Can Execute MRI Tests To Reveal Whether Or Not Anything Is Suspicious Enough To Actually Require A Prostate Biopsy (Unless You Have An Extraordinary Doctor), Which Is Usually Done Because Of UNRELIABLE Elevated PSA Results! And Biopsy Side Effects Are Habitually Understated, Underemphasized & Undermined With Horror Stories Of What Will Occur If The Man In Question Doesn’t Get That Biopsy ASAP! YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR DOCTOR BECAUSE HE’S A CAPITALIST TRYING TO MAXIMIZE HIS OWN PROFITS! He May Not Say ‘TINA’ (There Is No Alternative), But His Silence Is Highly Suggestive Of That Assertion. Do Your Own Research!


When the cartilage in my left hip eroded causing me grave pain in 2014, I was almost ready to try anything! Every Medical Practitioner had the answer: HIP REPLACEMENT!

That ‘Solution’ seemed rather severe to me since it wasn’t my Hip that caused the pain but the absence of sufficient cartilage. Apparently, the nerve endings in my Hip area were so small that operating on them was impossible. So I did what I usually do – I PROCRASTINATED! (Glad I did!)

Well, in 2015 my excruciating pain in the left hip subsided and was replaced by foot problems, right thigh problems including CRAMPS because I put as much weight on my right leg as possible as I attempted to prevent the left hip problems from becoming unbearable again. Continue reading

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