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‘PRISM’! Bush’s PATRIOT ACT Now Obama’s Personal Communication VISE! GLENN GREENWALD, Columnist For ‘The Guardian’, & EDWARD SNOWDEN, Whistleblower & Former CIA Operative, Expose ‘A Massive Domestic Surveillance State’ – Covert NSA Program MINING DATA From Your Personal Phone Calls, E-Mails, Documents, Audio, Video Chats, Photographs, Google Searches Etc. Etc. That Allow Tracking Of Individuals & Their Communication Partners – All Shared With The British (Logic Dictates The Israelis Too On A “Need To Know” Basis). The National Security Agency Has Access To Central Servers Of 9 Major Internet Corporations: GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, APPLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, AOL, PALTALK, SKYPE & YOUTUBE – Can VERIZON Be Far Behind! Nobody Told You, But George Orwell’s ‘1984’ And BIG BROTHER Have Finally Arrived!

AMY GOODMAN: NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden being interviewed by The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald. The interview was filmed by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Laura Poitras, in Snowden’s Hong Kong hotel room on June 6. Edward Snowden left the U.S. for Hong Kong on May 20th, has been there since. When we come back, we’ll be joined by Glenn Greenwald from Hong Kong and then NSA whistleblower, William Binney. Stay with us. –

TABACCO: Whistleblowers in the USA (United States of Amnesia) had best prepare to spend the rest of their lives in Hong Kong, Cuba or some other country without extradition treaties with the USA! Continue reading

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CLASS WAR IN AMERICA By Corporations, Government, Police & Powerful Against We The People: This Post Will Be Augmented Each Time The Power Elite Commit Abominations Against The Peaceful, Non-Violent, Naïve Civilians Of Our Side’s Yet Undeclared War!

CHICAGO: About 65 workers at the Goose Island plant run by Serious Energy have occupied the factory in an attempt to save their jobs after the company announced plans to close the plant and consolidate its operations.. PHILADELPHIA: 10 members of Occupy Philadelphia have been acquitted on charges of obstructing a highway during a sit-in last year outside of the city’s police headquarters.. NEW YORK: NYPD’s spying on Muslim residents across the Northeast. The Associated Press reports the NYPD targeted Muslim mosques with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations.. Continue reading

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