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Obama Legacy Could Very Well Be FUTURE NUCLEAR WAR! Talking Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth, President Obama Advocates For A ‘Nuclear Free World’ One Day, Then Concurrently & Surreptitiously Develops Smaller, More Precise Nuclear Bombs Thereby Increasing The Likelihood A Future U.S. President Would Deploy B61-12 Nuclear Warheads (With “Dial-A-Yield” Technology) Against Non-Nuclear ‘Sitting Ducks’ Just As We Did In 1945 Against Japan. The Marquis Of Queensbury May Not Enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! The New Fleet Of Nukes Will Cost $1-Trillion Over 3-Decades. Perhaps That’s How Obama’s T.A.R.P. ‘SLUSH FUND’ Will Be Used. Russia Calls This Obamanation “Irresponsible And Openly Provocative”. (Reminder: The United States Of America Is Only Nation On Earth To Deploy Nuclear Bombs In War.) 2 Pieces Of Good News: 1- Nuclear Countries Need Not Fear US Because America Only Nukes Countries That Are Themselves Nukeless, Not Our Nuclear Equals! 2- President Obama Only Lies About Really Important Stuff! Now Please Look Up The Definitions Of ‘Bravery’ & ‘Cowardice’, Then Apply To USA War Foreign Policy! Did I Mention ‘Lately’ ‘DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPONS’ Already In Use By US Military & The B83?

A new report reveals how the Obama administration has upgraded the U.S. nuclear arsenal to create smaller, more precise nuclear bombs. The New York Times reports that despite his advocacy for a “nuclear-free world”, President Obama’s administration has potentially increased the likelihood of a future president deploying a nuclear weapon by creating more precise warheads whose explosive force can be dialed up or down. A former top nuclear strategist for Obama, General James Cartwright, acknowledged “what going smaller does is to make the weapon more thinkable.” Continue reading

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