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2 Vietnamese Deaths Prove Avian Flu Resistant To Roche’s Tamiflu (oseltamivir) – What now? How Would You Feel If Your Doctor, Nurse Or Surgeon Were Blind? Well The Annual Flu Shot Is Created By Blind Pharmaceuticals, Inc. And They Are Guessing Because Processing The Shots Must Begin 1-Year In Advance! And Once Ready For Distribution, They Have To Sell It, Right Or Wrong! That’s Why They Promote The Hell Out of These Annuals. However, Nobody Has Come Up With A Viable Alternative To This “Eeny-Meany-Miny-Moe” Flu Strategy! Originally Published December 25, 2005 At Blog-City

“The U.S. (CDC) Centers for Disease Control attacks a flu that they don’t know exists. They make the vaccine a year before. There are hundreds of different flu vaccines; so they are making a flu vaccine that they are only guessing will work.” – Bill Maher

Maher was correct in 2005, and he is still correct in 2015! Medicine & Pharmaceuticals are Part & Parcel of Capitalists’ Propaganda. The sickest I ever got was the one year I took the Flu Vaccine over 20-years ago. That’s an isolated experience, but it is my experience. And I’ve avoided Annual Flu Shots ever since! Good Luck to You! Continue reading

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