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Tim Scott, ONLY BLACK GOP SENATOR, From South Carolina Stopped By Police 7-Times In 1-Year BECAUSE HE’S BLACK! If You STILL DON’T BELIEVE a) Stop & Frisk and b) Racial Profiling Are Both Unjust, Unconstitutional & Unworkable, You Are A Certifiable BIGOT! Case Closed! TIM SCOTT, (R) SENATOR OF SOUTH CAROLINA: “In the course of one year, I`ve been stopped seven times by a law enforcement officer. Not four, not five, not six, but seven times. Was I speeding sometimes? Sure! But the vast majority of the time I was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial.” Tabacco: BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE AS USUAL – MSM Focuses On Police Training – WRONG! The PRIMARY FOCUS Must Be On HIRING, NOT TRAINING! Psychological Testing Is Already Available! It Makes No Difference How Much Or How Good Training Is For Racist Cops; Training Won’t Change Them!

Tabacco: I would love to hear Bill Maher (in my presence and in front of the cameras of course), who approves of Racial Profiling, attempt to explain and excuse this particular Abomination!

Maher’s opinion of RACIAL PROFILING would certainly be entirely different if it were used to Pester & Harass men of Jewish or partial-Jewish lineage!

“EVERY MAN KNOWS THAT RACIAL PROFILING IS WRONG FOR HIM!” – Tabacco (Paraphrasing Frederick Douglass on subject of Slavery)

PS HYPOCRISY REPORT: Have you noticed that the Don (Trump to be specific) is Pro-NRA/Pro-Gun EXCEPT when HE is on the scene. Then PERMISSIVENESS is OUT-THE-WINDOW!

Ohio permits guns on its streets, but the Trump Republicans will violate Ohio Law in the area surrounding the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio!

And Trump evicts Protestors from Public Events, who disapprove of him (even Republicans)! Democracy? Well, Folks, it’s the 1930s and guess who is running for Führer in Germany – err America! Continue reading

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