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FBI-CIA STINGS Miss The Point! Trevor Aaronson, “The FBI Has A Clear Record Of Being Able To Set Up Sting Operations On People Who Want To Commit Violence But Don’t Have The Means While At The Same Time It Misses The Really Dangerous Threats Like We Saw In Boston!” One More Example Of Capitalism Run Amok (Paid Informants With Heroin Addictions Report For Government Payoff$ And Attention Is Paid, While The Russian Government Reports To CIA & FBI About Tamerlan Tsarnaev, And Is Ignored) – Tabacco: Does That Make YOU Feel Safer?

TREVOR AARONSON, “But if you look closely at these cases, it’s very clear that the men caught in these cases never could have committed their crimes were it not for the FBI providing the means and the opportunity… “A possible threat coming from the Russian government is much more credible than an informant, but yet the FBI chose to follow the informant’s tip over the Russian government’s.” – Tabacco: Does that make YOU feel safer? Continue reading

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