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GENERAL WESLEY CLARK, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Breaks Down Terrorist & Mideast Countries Generalizations Into Specifics We Can All Understand. And Why Would Turkey, A Country With No Nukes of Its Own, Dare To Shoot Down Aircraft In Turkey’s Airspace Belonging To Russia, A Country With Oodles Of Nukes? If Mike Tyson Steps On Your Foot, Isn’t It Incumbent Upon You To Issue Apologies, Generally Speaking? That Is – Unless You Are Accompanied By A Brother, Who Is A Cop! Finally, Are You Too Young, Too Naïve, Too Stupid To Be Told By The MSM The Ramifications Of International Events? Is It NEWS, Or Is It PABLUM!

A search-and-rescue mission has been launched, but the fate of two ejected pilots is still unclear. Russia is claiming one of them is dead, and there are reports the other has been captured. Russia’s also saying one of its marines was killed in the rescue operation.

Moscow is furious! Russian President Putin called this “a stab in the back that will have serious consequences”.

Want to get right to CNN’s Barbara Starr at the Pentagon!

Barbara, what are U.S. officials telling you?

BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Well, John, they are monitoring those Russian reports that at least one of the Russian pilots is dead, but, clearly, Washington wanting this situation not to escalate out of control, trying to keep it calm, and one reason may be that right now, at this hour, the Pentagon cannot say for sure that the Russian plane was shot down inside Turkish airspace.
TABACCO: Don’t worry! CNN is attempting to frighten you! That Tactic is EXTREMELY GOOD FOR RATINGS!

Allow Tabacco to explain why this Shoot-Down is not as Dangerous for Turkey or the World as CNN would have us believe! Continue reading

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