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In The 1960s Both Blacks And Whites Were Beaten & Murdered For Peaceful, Nonviolent Demonstrations Against Southern Codified Racism. Despite The Passing Of The Voting Rights Act, 21st Century Republicans (The Party Of Lincoln) Have Abridged Voting Rights Of Poor, Elderly & Blacks With Machiavellian & Unjustified Voter ID Requirements, Voter Caging & Voter Disenfranchisement. Current House Rep./ Former SNCC Chairman, John Lewis Was Arrested 40 Times, Beaten For Being A Leader In Civil Rights Struggle. 48 Years Later, A White Father & Son Apologized To And Cried With John Lewis For That Act.

Republicans ask, “Are we better off now than when Obama took office?” Republicans are Sophists, pure and simple. They phrase the question so that Obama must compete against Obama while GW takes a Teflon Break!

If we are not at that level, it is because Bush was President for 8-years and the Republican Senators and House Members oppose whatever Solutions Democrats propose. It is NOT due to a lack of ability on the part of the President! By phrasing the question as they do, they do a variation of “Tails I win; Heads you lose”!

The reason we are not progressing as much as we would like is because of the Republican Strategy of


Obama is to be applauded for turning America around and CREATING JOBS in 4-years instead of Bush’s Accomplishment of LOSING JOBS in 8-years! Continue reading

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