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The ZIMMERMANN TELEGRAM! Americans Living In Arizona, New Mexico & Texas As Well As Americans Throughout The USA Had Little Or No Interest In Going ‘Over There’ – That Is Until The Germans Telegraphed Mexico, Offering Them Arizona, New Mexico & Texas If They Attacked The USA. The Proposal Was Leaked! You Know How Bush/Obama Treat Leakers! Well Not The Brits, And Not When They Intercepted & Decoded The Gram & Leaked It To US! The Germans Did It To Occupy Americans With Mexico While Keeping US Out Of Europe (Asian Subcontinent). The Ploy BACKFIRED BIG TIME! President Woodrow Wilson, A Pacifist, Declared War On Germany! How Times Have Changed, Or Have They? We Dump On Leakers, Who Expose US, Not On Leakers, Who Inform US!

President Woodrow Wilson considered another military invasion of Veracruz and Tampico in 1917–1918,[23][24] so as to take control of the Tehuantepec Isthmus and Tampico oil fields.[24][25] The relatively new Mexican President Venustiano Carranza threatened to destroy the oil fields in case the Marines landed there.[26][27] As historian Lester Langley wrote: “Carranza may not have fulfilled the social goals of the revolution, but he kept the gringos out of Mexico City”.[8][28] – Wikipedia

Tabacco: I also publish it (Zimmermann Telegram story) because nobody would believe that Germans – as smart as they are reputed to be – would ever be so dumb as to put such a missive into the hands of the Americans and their Allies for transmission. See, folks, anybody can be STUPID! Continue reading

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